The EURO elections

Let's start - Creating the Parties

Par ALEXIA ROUSSEL, publié le mardi 28 juin 2016 15:53 - Mis à jour le jeudi 30 juin 2016 22:53

"This year we must vote for the president of the European section! Indeed there are two main parties which will debate to decide their names, their color, their symbol and talk about their views. So we saw and listened to the different debates.

First we observed the party promoting equality, cooperation and generosity and which is composed of 9 members: Lysa, Rosalie, Lawal, Lucie D., Simon and Lison. Amélie, Lucie A. and Pablo were absent.


They took a lot of time to make their choices, all of this because they disagreed. But this party chose as a symbol and color a hand giving a green apple which represents generosity.




The second party, it was another story: there has been a split between the girls and the boys! In fact this party promotes creativity, competition and liberty but they were in absolute disagreements about their totem animal, and some of them stopped talking.





Finally the boys left, and chose to be represented by a shark that symbolizes strength and competition. They also chose the color blue standing for liberty.


On the other hand the girls chose the unicorn andthe color purple for creativity and liberty. However we don't know exactly the party's name and who are going to be their respective leaders but we have forecast! We clearly think about Rosalie or Lison, maybe Thomas or Theo, and Laura or Benedicte!"

Lea and Amy-Laure