The EURO elections

Elections - The Primaries

Par ALEXIA ROUSSEL, publié le jeudi 30 juin 2016 23:16 - Mis à jour le jeudi 30 juin 2016 23:25

"The debates went on for two hours Friday and on Monday and now we have big news about the parties! Indeed we know their names and mottos, and other things  about them...

First we have the Applecratic Party whose values are equality, cooperation and generosity. The motto they chose is:" Take my hand and take my apple".




Then there is the Purple Party which os composed of girls only. They want to promotecreativity, competition and liberty. So,their motto promotes freedom: "Try the purple party if you want to dream".

Finally the boys who share the same views as the Purple Party have named themselves the Sharky Party. They are very competitive as you can notice: their motto is "Better run fast".



During the debates, the party also chose their candidates. Those are likely to become president if they won the elections.

So we have Rosalie for the Applecratic Party, Benedicte for the Purple Party and Laureat for the Sharky Party.







Moreover, I talked a lot about the policies that will get our votes, they also made posters, badges to prepare their political campaign and represent their party.

In fact, we are going to vote on Friday, 10 June - that's when each candidate will deliver their speech to persuade us to vote for them. So now we are waiting with eagerness to vote in Friday and witness which candidate will be the most persuasive and become the president of the European section."

Lea and Amy-Laure