The EURO elections

Election Day

Par ALEXIA ROUSSEL, publié le jeudi 30 juin 2016 23:36 - Mis à jour le vendredi 1 juillet 2016 00:04

"It's official, we have a President of the European section : and that's Lauréat !

Indeed on friday the students voted for a party and the Sharky Party won ! But these elections were very special ! In fact there were a lot of people absent in the Applecratic Party and we heard that Rosalie, their candidate had been assassinated ! That's a very tragic event and we don't know, for the moment, who is the murderer. But we are leading an investigation and we suspect the Sharky Party... So Rosalie has been replaced by Simon, the new candidate of the Applecratic Party.



Before we voted, every candidate has delivered his speech in front of the students.  They rehearsed seperately with a coach so that they could be the most persuasive.






Bénédicte was the first, but she laughed a lot because of Thomas from the Sharky Party who destabilized her. During her speech, she said her motto « try the purple party if you want the liberty » and the policies of the Purple Party : watch a movie every friday, sing karaoke or go outside to make lessons.


Afterwards that it was Simon's turn,he had to improvise his speech and promised that when the president would make strange moves everybody had to follow him, Mrs Roussel would have to perform a show before the end of a lesson and make an election of Miss and Mister for the last class.


Finally Lauréat was the last one delivering his speech and his policies were : make a competition of chinese arm wrestling, play basketball outside during the last lesson and have two points of participation to win candies. There were 15 votes and that was a perfect equality between the three parties !!! So we voted for a policy... and the Sharky Party won and we will play basketball outside on the last day !"


Lea and Amy-Laure