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  • The 2 reporters for "The Daily Reporter"

    Par ALEXIA ROUSSEL, publié le mardi 28 juin 2016 15:32 - Mis à jour le vendredi 1 juillet 2016 00:07

    Here are the two columists that volunteered to report on the European Section elections on a weekly basis. They both write for the :

    Thanks to Aimy-Laure and Léa, we have been able to follow the developments of this presidential election.












    Thank you so much girls, you have been amazing reporters!

  • Election Day

    Par ALEXIA ROUSSEL, publié le jeudi 30 juin 2016 23:36 - Mis à jour le vendredi 1 juillet 2016 00:04

    "It's official, we have a President of the European section : and that's Lauréat !

    Indeed on friday the students voted for a party and the Sharky Party won ! But these elections were very special ! In fact there were a lot of people absent in the Applecratic Party and we heard that Rosalie, their candidate had been assassinated ! That's a very tragic event and we don't know, for the moment, who is the murderer. But we are leading an investigation and we suspect the Sharky Party... So Rosalie has been replaced by Simon, the new candidate of the Applecratic Party.



    Before we voted, every candidate has delivered his speech in front of the students.  They rehearsed seperately with a coach so that they could be the most persuasive.






    Bénédicte was the first, but she laughed a lot because of Thomas from the Sharky Party who destabilized her. During her speech, she said her motto « try the purple party if you want the liberty » and the policies of the Purple Party : watch a movie every friday, sing karaoke or go outside to make lessons.


    Afterwards that it was Simon's turn,he had to improvise his speech and promised that when the president would make strange moves everybody had to follow him, Mrs Roussel would have to perform a show before the end of a lesson and make an election of Miss and Mister for the last class.


    Finally Lauréat was the last one delivering his speech and his policies were : make a competition of chinese arm wrestling, play basketball outside during the last lesson and have two points of participation to win candies. There were 15 votes and that was a perfect equality between the three parties !!! So we voted for a policy... and the Sharky Party won and we will play basketball outside on the last day !"


    Lea and Amy-Laure

  • Elections - The Primaries

    Par ALEXIA ROUSSEL, publié le jeudi 30 juin 2016 23:16 - Mis à jour le jeudi 30 juin 2016 23:25

    "The debates went on for two hours Friday and on Monday and now we have big news about the parties! Indeed we know their names and mottos, and other things  about them...

    First we have the Applecratic Party whose values are equality, cooperation and generosity. The motto they chose is:" Take my hand and take my apple".




    Then there is the Purple Party which os composed of girls only. They want to promotecreativity, competition and liberty. So,their motto promotes freedom: "Try the purple party if you want to dream".

    Finally the boys who share the same views as the Purple Party have named themselves the Sharky Party. They are very competitive as you can notice: their motto is "Better run fast".



    During the debates, the party also chose their candidates. Those are likely to become president if they won the elections.

    So we have Rosalie for the Applecratic Party, Benedicte for the Purple Party and Laureat for the Sharky Party.







    Moreover, I talked a lot about the policies that will get our votes, they also made posters, badges to prepare their political campaign and represent their party.

    In fact, we are going to vote on Friday, 10 June - that's when each candidate will deliver their speech to persuade us to vote for them. So now we are waiting with eagerness to vote in Friday and witness which candidate will be the most persuasive and become the president of the European section."

    Lea and Amy-Laure

  • Let's start - Creating the Parties

    Par ALEXIA ROUSSEL, publié le mardi 28 juin 2016 15:53 - Mis à jour le jeudi 30 juin 2016 22:53

    "This year we must vote for the president of the European section! Indeed there are two main parties which will debate to decide their names, their color, their symbol and talk about their views. So we saw and listened to the different debates.

    First we observed the party promoting equality, cooperation and generosity and which is composed of 9 members: Lysa, Rosalie, Lawal, Lucie D., Simon and Lison. Amélie, Lucie A. and Pablo were absent.


    They took a lot of time to make their choices, all of this because they disagreed. But this party chose as a symbol and color a hand giving a green apple which represents generosity.




    The second party, it was another story: there has been a split between the girls and the boys! In fact this party promotes creativity, competition and liberty but they were in absolute disagreements about their totem animal, and some of them stopped talking.





    Finally the boys left, and chose to be represented by a shark that symbolizes strength and competition. They also chose the color blue standing for liberty.


    On the other hand the girls chose the unicorn andthe color purple for creativity and liberty. However we don't know exactly the party's name and who are going to be their respective leaders but we have forecast! We clearly think about Rosalie or Lison, maybe Thomas or Theo, and Laura or Benedicte!"

    Lea and Amy-Laure



  • Let's elect the European Section president

    Par ALEXIA ROUSSEL, publié le mardi 28 juin 2016 15:28 - Mis à jour le mardi 28 juin 2016 15:28

    This year we chose to organize an election inside our European Section classe following the pattern of the US presidential elections.

    Different and rival parties will be created and are going to compete for the final victory.

    Two reporters volunteered to cover the event, report on what happened every session and take pictures.


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